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2021-07-13 18:09:02


im体育官网_Russia is gearing up for an oil boom on the same scale as the US, as the techniques that sparked the shale revolution are applied to Siberia’s deposits of unconventional oil, according to one of the country’s top oil executives.俄罗斯一位石油业高管回应,俄罗斯将步入一场规模堪比美国的石油热潮,引起美国页岩气革命的技术于是以应用于西伯利亚的非常规石油储量。Leonid Fedun, vice-president of Lukoil, said Russia, the world’s second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia, will be able to maintain crude output of 10m barrels a day for years to come as output from West Siberia’s Bazhenov Shale offsets declines in its mature oilfields.卢克石油公司(Lukoil)副总裁列奥尼德费顿(Leonid Fedun)回应,次于沙特阿拉伯的全球第二大产油国——俄罗斯将有能力在未来几年维持1000万桶的原油日产量,来自西西伯利亚地区巴热诺夫页岩油田(Bazhenov Shale)的产量将抵销俄罗斯成熟期油田产量下降的影响。

But he said such an outcome hinged on tax breaks the government has promised for the industry. Ministers have proposed a waiver of Russia’s onerous mineral extraction tax for groups drilling in the Bazhenov.但他回应,这一局面各不相同政府允诺向该行业获取的税收优惠措施。部长们已明确提出减免在巴热诺夫钻采的石油集团艰巨的矿产铁矿税。Mr Fedun told the Financial Times that President Vladimir Putin’s goal of keeping Russian oil production at 10m b/d till 2020 was “absolutely realistic”, “but only if these fiscal innovations are introduced”.费顿告诉他英国《金融时报》,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普京(Vladimir Putin)明确提出的在2020年前将俄罗斯石油日产量维持在1000万桶的目标“意味著切合实际”,“但前提是实施这些财政创意措施”。

Experts have long placed Russia at or near the top of the list of countries with the potential to replicate North Ameriim体育官网ca’s shale revolution. It has huge unconventional resources, a sophisticated oil industry and little of the environmental opposition that has blocked shale in some European countries.长期以来,专家们仍然将俄罗斯佩在有可能拷贝北美页岩能源革命的国家名单的首位或前茅。俄罗斯享有极大的非常规资源,技术实力雄厚的石油业,同时完全没遭环保的组织的赞成,此类赞成制止了一些欧洲国家铁矿页岩资源。-im体育官网。